Is your business using paperwork, MS Excel, or MS Access? We can help!

We create secure, web applications using PHP and MySQL to simplify work, with a very friendly UI. We build fast applications designed for fast loading times without having to spend a lot of money on powerful servers.

Why pay for something fancy that takes longer to load and uses more data? Our sites are designed to be fast and lightweight whether you have slow internet or you are limited by data. We want your application to be mobile, where employees can login using tablets or phones while on the job. This can eliminate paperwork and help save on some planet resources.

Our applications can be used if you have your own web server or ours.

What value can our applications do for your business?

  • Streamline your business processes.
  • Reduce overall cost of data entry by reducing time and paperwork.
  • Have customized reports using real-time data.

Current Available Services